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Handmade, quality, and skillfully crafted cages for your small animals. No matter what size, style, or options you want out of a cage or carrier, we offer it, or will build it to suit your needs. We craft our cages with your animals in mind and continue to build with the highest quality of materials.

Cavy 2 tier stacker
Cage with side entry

Single cages with trays

18×24, 24×24, 24×30, 24×36, 24×36 2-hole, 24×36 3-hole, 30×30, 30×36

Stacker cages with trays (3 levels)

18×24, 24×24, 24×30, 24×36, 30×30, 30×36, 24×36 6-hole, 24×36 9-hole, 24×36 8-hole (4 levels)

Hanging cages available upon request

Cavy cages available upon request

Single Hole

8×16, 10×20, 12×24 tall, 16×24 tall


12×24, 16×16, 16×24, 20×20


12×24, 16×24


12×24, 14×28, 16×32

Side-load carriers available on request

 Cavy carriers available on request


  • Cage legs (set of four)
  • Castors
  • Door trim 
  • Metal urine guards (12 in, 18 in, 24 in, 30 in, 36 in)


  • Handles
  • Spring hooks
  • Replacement pans (metal)

Other Products

Bottles & Feeders

Durable and high-quality bottles and feeders are designed specifically for small animals. The bottles come in different sizes and are easy to clean and refill, while the feeders come in a range of sizes and styles. All products are made from non-toxic materials and are designed with the health and well-being of your animals in mind.

Tattoo & Grooming Supplies

We offer a range of tattooing supplies, including needles, and ink designed specifically for small animals. We also offer grooming supplies such as brushes, combs, and nail clippers, which are made from high-quality materials and designed to be gentle on your pet’s skin. All products are designed with the health and well-being of your pet in mind.

Feed & Supplements

We offer a wide range of nutritious feeds, supplements, and treats designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of small animals. The feed comes in various forms and is made from high-quality, non-toxic ingredients. The supplements are carefully formulated to complement the feed and support your pet’s health.

Other Products

All products are carefully designed with the health and well-being of small animals in mind and are made from high-quality materials. We take great care to offer an extensive range of products to meet the various needs of small animal owners.

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